Not sure when my love of fishing started, could have been when my Dad took me fishing in farm ponds. Once I met my husband, who loves to fish almost as much as I do, my love for the sport really took off!

I have been a member of the Gateway Bass ‘n Gals since 2001. Until I joined the club, I fished nothing but crank baits and thought fishing with plastics was just too slow. Now, the first thing I turn to is plastics.  It’s hard for me to pinpoint one favorite go-to bait – I’m really fond of Bass Addiction’s mat craw and boss craw and a Zoom finesse in Red Bug. Also have a couple of crank baits modeled after a Bomber I have (the color of which is no longer made) that Bob Risner at BER Custom Lure Painting painted up for me with a clear body and a fish scale pattern along the back in either blue, black, chartreuse or red. The largest bass I have caught during a tournament is 4.16 lbs. at Stockton Lake in May of 2015 (with my 1st Kissel Krafts rod).

My all-time favorite lake would be Table Rock, where I took big bass and first place in 2011.  Also took 4th in the point standings with 223.71 and was the 2011 Gateway Bass ’n Gal of the Year.  Saying I love to fish would be an understatement . . .fishing is my drug, there’s nothing better than a day on a lake (any lake) with my husband or good friends, relaxing, unwinding and soaking up the beauty that’s all around.

My go to rod would be my Kissel Krafts custom fishing rod.  It’s an MB843-W-MHX blank with a split cork handle and microwave guides (highly recommend) and, because you can customize, I had a  dragon skin put on.  This is a spinning rod I mainly use for fishing Texas rigged plastics.

I started fishing the LBAA tournaments in 2013 — the tournament was at Old Hickory Lake and the water was high and the color of chocolate milk! In 2014 I fished at Kentucky Lake where I learned how to fish deep, really deep. In 2015 I fished at Bull Shoals and Kentucky Lake. This is a great group of ladies and I am truly blessed to be able to fish with them.

I am a member of B.A.S.S. and the LBAA (Lady Bass Anglers Association). In October, 2015 I was honored to be named to the pro-staff of Kissel Krafts Custom Rods and Bass Addiction Gear.  My sponsors are Kissel Krafts Custom Rods, Bass Addiction Gear, BER Custom Lure Painting,  The Rod Glove, 5×3, Triton Boats and Mercury Optimax.