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Lisa Opfer Places 2nd in Co-Angler Division of LBAA Classic Championship

The ladies of the Gateway Bass ‘n Gals would like to congratulate Lisa, who qualified for the first time for the Lady Bass Angler’s Association’s Classic Championship, held at Old Hickory Lake on Oct. 20, 21 & 22nd.  Not only did she qualify, she also clinched second place in the Co-Angler Division.

Just to provide a little background information, the Lady Bass Angler’s Association (or LBAA for short) is the women’s pro circuit of bass fishing.  Just like the guys who fish B.A.S.S. or the FLW circuit, the ladies tow their boats to any number of lakes – from Georgia to Texas.  There are two (2) distinct divisions:  the Pro-Angler – those ladies that use their boats, and the Co-Angler – who choose to fish out of the back of the pro’s boat. On each day of any given tournament, the Co-Anglers are paired with a different Pro.  The Pro has a 5 fish limit and the Co a 3 fish limit.  Tournaments are two-day events, with the exception of the Classic, which is three days.

100_1326According to Lisa, the weather was a really big factor all three days of the Classic. “On the first day, the weather wasn’t too bad, but then a huge storm moved in which brought pounding rain, lightening and hail.”  Lisa was paired with Pro Angela Henson Mayo on Day 1 and they just happened to be fishing around some docks when the squall moved through.  They had just enough room in one stall to get Angela’s boat halfway under cover.  The back deck collected some pea size hail.  Luckily, the system didn’t hang around too long. Lisa managed to get 2 keepers in the boat before 9:30 a.m. which had a total weight of 3.46.  Lisa stated she was amazed that she was in 2nd place after Day 1.  The weigh ins took place at Flipper’s Bait & Tackle in Gallatin, Tennessee.14680964_1621699344522124_7082496940451725423_o


On Day 2, Lisa was paired with Pro Pam Martin-Wells, who is an amazing angler. Unfortunately, while the 14690978_10208988502008191_6910224416970795922_nbites were there, Lisa was unable to put anything in the livewell.  (For this tournament, largemouth bass had to be 14”, smallmouth had to be 18” and spotted bass had to measure 12”.)  She dropped from 2nd place down to 4th.  “I was really excited to fish with Pam, she is a five-time Angler of the Year and was inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame.  She knows her stuff when it comes to fishing.”

Lisa was paired with Pam Ridgle on Day 3, which started out really cold. (Lisa had been paired with Pam Ridgle at Lake Hartwell earlier in the year.  In fact, when fishing at Hartwell with Pam, Lisa brought in her first limit of 3 fish.) “I was pretty comfortable being paired with Pam on Day 3 in light of what happened at Hartwell.  I knew the weather was going to be a really big factor but knew I just had to hunker down and keep going at it.”  Lisa’s first fish just touched the 14” mark and she was concerned it might get stressed in the live well.  Pam was fishing a lot of docks, something Lisa wasn’t comfortable doing but was throwing one of her “comfort” baits – and the only bait she could get bit on.  About 30 minutes before they had to head back to make the weigh-in at 3:00 p.m., Lisa threw her bait up next to the dock floats and hooked into a largemouth that measured about 14.5”.  “I really didn’t expect to catch anything off the docks since this technique isn’t something I normally do.  I was thrilled to get that one in the livewell.”


Lisa finished up with a three day total weight of 6.42 which was enough to clinch her 2nd place in the Co-Angler Division – she took home a trophy and a check!  “When they called my name, I was like – are you sure, you better check those numbers!”  Lisa tells us, “My original goal this year was to fish 3 LBAA tournaments in the hopes of qualifying for the Classic Championship.  I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would do well enough to clinch 2nd place.  I was fishing against other Co-Anglers who are really great at catching fish.  I still find it hard to believe.  I could not have done this without the support of my husband and my sponsors.”

Lisa is on the prostaff at Kissell Krafts Custom Rods and BASS Addiction Gear (who also sponsors the LBAA) and is also sponsored by The Rod Glove, BER Custom Lure Painting, Triton Boats, Mercury and 5×3.

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October Newsletter


Bass Fishing=Mental Challenges

Recently, Leslie Anderson wrote an article for the Lady Bass Anglers Association’s Blog concerning the mental challenges of competitive bass fishing.  We have all been in that “mental quandary” and we felt her blog was worth passing on, click on the hyper link and enjoy a well written article!

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Correction:  The LBAA Classic is being held on October 20, 21 & 22 (pg. 3, LBAA Update)