Month: August 2016

Using Cull Clips Properly

This is another one of those articles that was seen by a member on the 5×3 Nation’s website.  Since we found it very informative, thought you might to.  This short video:  Proper Cull Tag Use shows you how to properly use those metal cull clips.

Open Buddy Bass Tournament in September

Each year, the Bass ‘n Gals holds an open Buddy Bass Tournament in September.  Here is more information on that upcoming event and the rules are posted on our Facebook page:


Boat Ramp Etiquette

We’ve all been in the position of having to learn how to back up a boat trailer, whether we are trying to get the boat in the water or park the trailer after the fact. Some members can do it just by looking in the rearview mirror and making minute adjustments.  Others, like this writer, still rely on twisting like a pretzel to look out the back window. Yet others have impatiently waited their turn on a ramp while someone was undoing straps. Here’s a quick blog from 5×3 on etiquette at the boat ramp.

Fishing a Frog

While Lynda Gessner has been with the club for a number of years, she also fishes on the women’s pro tour, the Lady Bass Angler’s Association. She recently did an outstanding blog on frog fishing, a technique Lynda has perfected over the years.  Check it out on the LBAA website.

Women In Fishing – 101

Women today constitute more than one third of all anglers. They own and operate their own rigs, trailer those rigs to any given lake throughout the country and do fish competitively, just like their male counterparts. For the women who participate in the sport, bass fishing is a driving passion in their lives. It boosts their self-esteem and creates healthier minds and bodies.  It significantly reduces their stress level, creating a happier family atmosphere.

The Gateway Bass’n Gals strives to abolish the myth that women do not fish, and that bass fishing on a competitive level, is strictly a man’s sport. The beginning angler needs a place to learn and the accomplished, experienced angler cherishes the camaraderie she shares with her angling peers and is always willing to pass her knowledge on to beginning anglers. The Gateway Bass’n Gals are dedicated to providing just such a venue for ALL women anglers throughout our area. We invite you to join us in our efforts to grow the sport of bass fishing for all women.

Getting Along

The members of the Gateway Bass ‘n Gals routinely run across articles that we believe are noteworthy and should be shared.

While we are just as competitive as the men out there, we have the comradery that may be missing in the more lucrative tournaments. Check out this well written blog by  5×3: