Month: September 2015

Truman tournament results

The tournament held at Truman lake took place on Aug. 8 and 9.  We apologize for not getting the usual detailed report with pics but this took place when we were having our website redesigned.

1st place – Leslie, 16.74 lbs.

2nd place – Lynda, 7.74 lbs.

3rd place – Cuban, 5.18 lbs.

4th place – Kristen, 3.25 lbs.

5th place – Bonnie K., 2.04 lbs.



We would like to congratulate Leslie Anderson, Robbie Hartline and Lynda Gessner for fishing hard all year and getting a berth in the Lady Bass Angler’s Association’s Classic to be held on Pickwick Lake on October 15-17.   These ladies have really earned this — best of luck and tight lines!!