Fishing was pretty tough for some and not so much for others.  Water temp was between 76 and 80 degrees, and the water was mostly clear.  There was lots of pressure at Pomme this weekend and, for some, the key was finding stained water.  Both days were bright and clear with no clouds and no wind.

The club stayed at Nemo Bridge Resort and as you can see from this picture, they give a very warm welcome every time we come.  I would highly recommend Nemo for anyone looking to fish Pomme and there’s a state park boat ramp right across the bridge.   There website is:



Cuban & Dwayne fished as a team and were catching bass in the backs of coves in stained water.  Seems the 1st day it was a rattle trap and crank bait kind of bite but that changed on the 2nd day and they were throwing a worm into schooling fish that were chasing shad.  Cuban pulled off big bass on day 2 with a whopper that weighed in at 3.07.  This team took 1st place.


Bonnie & Harry were fishing bluffs that had small ledges using a brush hog and a red shad worm.

Mary fished with her grandson Eric and they too were fishing in the backs of coves.  Eric caught 2 keepers on a point across from the state park using a smokin’ blue finesse worm.  The 2nd day saw them using shallow running crank baits.  Eric had big bass for the 1st day that weighed 2.83.

Stephanie & Scott were using a finesse worm and a red worm.  Unfortunately they experienced motor problems and wound up using their trolling motor to tool around.

Kristen & Rich used a brush  hog and shaky head with a green pumpkin and mainly fished in wood around stumps & logs.

Robbie & Trish found the spinner bait bite was hot during prefish on Friday but 1st day of the tournament the bites were hard to come by.  The 2nd day they were wacky rigging a Grande Bass rattlesnake and Lake Fork ring fry.

Lynda & Rick drove down to Wheatland and were fishing around docks using a Grande Bass in watermelon/chartreuse and in the shade using poppers and spinner baits.

Leslie & Pam were fishing a Carolina rig off of main lake drop offs.

As you can see, the techniques varied as much as the location of the fish.  Everyone had a great time and we all enjoy the comradery we share as a group of fun-loving, hard fishing women.

Here’s what the final scores looked like.  IMG_1901-300x225


As far as club points, Leslie came in 1st, Bonnie 2nd and Cuban 3rd.

Our next and last tournament for the year will be at Lake of the Ozarks on October 26th.  Club will be staying at Robin’s Resort.