Month: March 2014

March 23, 2014 – Lake of the Ozarks


The club’s first tournament of 2014 was at Lake of the Ozarks on March 23rd. The thirteen ladies who braved the weather stayed at Alhonna Resort & Marina. For anyone who’s been to Alhonna, who know how good of a place it is. For those you haven’t yet stayed, the rooms are great, they have a really good boat ramp and the restaurant on site, Bobber’s, has really good food (Lisa Opfer would recommend the chicken quesadilla).

Sunday was without a doubt the coldest day of the weekend. The air temp was 30 degrees in the morning and only warmed to 37 in the afternoon. The water temp ranged from 42 to 44 degrees and the water was pretty clear. Isn’t it funny how when you want the weatherman to be wrong, he is always right??

Best part of a tournament is pot-luck night — everyone pitches in and some even have “signature” dishes they bring. .



It looked like like a small mummy invasion during the tournament, everyone was wrapped up head to toe.


photo-9-e1396355494225-225x300Mary Lipka and Jamie Hall were paired up and while Jamie caught 2 nice bass on Friday but she wasn’t able to duplicate that on tournament day. Since they were making a 20 minute run after takeoff, Mary borrowed a fish head face mask from Lynda Gessner. Right at takeoff, the net flew up and caught Mary square in the face and bounced off the borrowed mask. It was so cold, ice was forming around Jamie’s reel and Mary’s rod guides.

When everyone made it back to the boat dock at Alhonna for weight in, they were greeted by 3 retired club members Kathi Yannie, Karen McGuire and Bobbie Neal.  Kathi, Karen & Bobbie live close to Lake of the Ozarks and stopped by to watch the weigh in and say hello. Thanks ladies for the visit, it was wonderful to see you again!


1st Place: Robbie Hartline with 2 bass that weighed 4.14 lbs.

1st Place: Robbie Hartline with 2 bass that weighed 4.14 lbs.

2nd Place: Holly Heinlein, her bass weighed 2.69 lbs and she also took Big Bass for the tournament

2nd Place: Holly Heinlein, her bass weighed 2.69 lbs and she also took Big Bass for the tournament

3rd Place: Lynda Gessner with 1.44 lbs.

3rd Place: Lynda Gessner with 1.44 lbs.

Tackle Bag Winner

Congratulations to Ann Clifford, who was the winner of the stocked tackle bag. Thanks to everyone who purchased raffle tickets!!!

Fishing Classic at Bass Pro March 7-9, 2014

2014-03-08-13.00.10-300x225The Gateway Bass’n Gals had an information table at Bass Pro’s Fishing Classic on the 8th and 9th of March of 2014. We were located right behind the large aquarium, so we got to look at huge fish, as we passed out club information and sold raffle tickets. On Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Mary Lipka and Lisa Opfer presented a seminar on using spinning gear for bass fishing. Lisa discussed the differences between monofilament, fluorocarbon, copolymer and braid and the correct way to spool line. Mary talked about matching the correct size/weight rod with the correct reel and fishing different types of structures. They had a nice audience of around 20 people who asked a lot of good questions. At 5:00, Mary Lipka gave a presentation on selecting plastic baits for bass fishing.


January of 2014 started off with our club attending the Lets Go Fishing Show on January 4th, 5th & 6th in Collinsville, Illinois.  We set up our kids fishing pond and sold raffle tickets for a tackle bag full of tackle.  The weekend was cut short by a 10″ snow fall on Sunday.

Our awards banquet was held on January 9th with Lynda Gessner taking Angler of the Year.  Bonnie Katke was Bass ‘n Gal of the Year and Cuban Curcuru was the 2013 Angler of the Year.  Congrats to all!!!

On February 28th, we held our annual Mouse Races at the Harvester Lion’s Club in St. Peters, Missouri.  We sold over 130 tickets.  Chris Dugan (that’s Mr. Dugan) sold $750.00 for the Mouse Roulette.  It was our most successful Mouse Race ever.  To make it even better, it didn’t snow!!!

This has been the longest winter Mary Lipka can remember.  Everyone in the club has cabin fever (Lisa worst of all) and the ladies can hardly wait to fish.

We kick off our fishing season with the March tournament at Lake of the Ozarks.

We are working diligently to get our website updated.  Thanks to everyone for your continued support of our club and the ladies who make it all happen!!